Jurassic Coast Challenge

All the dinosaurs have gone hopefully and all that's left is an amazing rugged coastline to explore. My next running adventure will be the Votwo Jurassic coast ultra. 26 miles a day for 3 days along the amazing Jurassic coastline, a total of 78 miles. In 2017 I did 1 day of the 3 day... Continue Reading →

70km, 44 miles 5 check points

70km, 44 miles 5 check points and weather that doesn't know if to rain or snow.  I guess we should start by saying that England beat Wales fair and square. That wasn't a try, he had no control and even said himself he felt "some" pressure. Not very convincing.  Pre race meal, pizza. What else! Now that's out... Continue Reading →

Run, Walk, Crawl.

My next ultra run in aid of JDRF and Alexander Devine will be the Run, Walk, Crawl Brecon to Cardiff ultra. This will be my longest run ever (and scott who I'm running with) at 70km its not to be laughed at. As the name suggests it starts in the Brecon Beacons National Park following... Continue Reading →

3 Essentials For Winter Running. 

Not only are these products part of my essential kit for winter running in the U.K., they also make fantastic gifts for that mad runner friend or family member. These will go down a treat and score you some serious points!  Following on from my last blog post that Jo wrote for me the first... Continue Reading →

Short and Strong.

This Deli and Cafe was a quick stop for us over the summer. As you know I'm always looking for a new coffee shop or something a little different. Short and strong is how i like my coffee as I'm an espresso drinker, so it caught my attention with the name. Yes you're right the... Continue Reading →

5 Tips For Winter Running

Whether you are new to running, a seasoned club runner, elite athlete or somewhere in between, the likelihood is that getting out of the door to run in the winter months seems more challenging than it did just a few months ago. In this post I attempt to give you my thoughts on five ways... Continue Reading →

Endurance Life Gower 2017

Gower ultra.  Saturday 11th November - After packing our bags, filling our water and getting an energy bar down, Scott and I set off to register for the Endurance Life Gower Ultra Marathon. Waiting in line the wind was picking up and it wasn't looking too promising. Scott got in the pre race espresso’s from... Continue Reading →

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